Sunday, December 28, 2008

new years?

haven't really thought about it yet. i guess i should considering it's on wednesday. please bring me a new year with new thoughts and beginnings. 2008 was a roller coaster ride, i'm determined to fix and move forward with life in 2009. no drama, no set backs, just happy living.

anyway, i have to get up really early tomorrow morning for a meeting. that means getting really dressed up and having to get back into my usual routines. this should be an adventure, i'm still in chill mode so i don't really see how any of it is going to work.

i'm buying studs tomorrow. i'm gonna go crazy and stud everything i own.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


"What I've learned in this life so far is to let the little things go as much as possible and try to swerve to miss the big things. Life is like a long ride to nowhere in particular. We're bound to get a flat tire somewhere along the journey and its never a good time for it to fact,its usually pouring rain or a blizzard when when you feel the car jolt from the tire and that just blew out underneath you and ripped away at your safety and support.

But we don't have a choice really. We have to get out, fix the flat, get back in the car and head back out on the highway of life."

- nikki sixx "heroine diaries"

Amazing :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

my skin is on the run

Stuck on the tarmack. Reality has slapped me in the face already, life sucks.

This just in, all the power in honolulu is out. Haaaaaa I wonder if ill ever get my connecting flight. Maybe I'll just stay here forever.

Is this a sign? Should I be finding a new home and a new life free of frustration?

You be the judge.

nyc is calling my name

leaving paradise sucks.

i wish i could soak the sun and bury my feet in sand for the rest of forever. hawaii really makes you forget what you left behind. back to reality in 15 hours and counting.

of course i miss home. one of the many goals of this trip was the escape of feeling empty. mission accomplished, but the thought of that returning kind of freaks me out. being away makes you realize how many amazing people you have in your life. i wouldn't trade any of them, i hope this feeling stays.

bi passed christmas. gonna be weird to get home dec 27th and open christmas gifts.

ugh, 11 hr plane ride from hell i hate you.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

red eye?

yeah so i've definitely seen better days. i have been traveling so much this month that i have let my eyebrows grow down my face and allowed myself to become a grungy, pastey disaster.

i'm really looking forward to halloween this year. i need to work a little harder on my costume(if thats what you wanna call it). the thought of this masquerade of craziness occuring on a friday really makes me wonder if i'll be alive the next day. we shall see, i suppose.

in other news..

i'd probably eat shit for a month to walk around in these bad boys. i guess i need to come to the realization that chloe boots will not be an option for me for quite a while, so i need to stop shopping for 1,000$ boots at work.

can't wait to go home and die in my excessive amount of pillows.